April 19, 2019

Events April 19-25

Click on the links to get full details and up to date information! HAVE FUN!

Saturday April 20th

1) Uptown Flea Market -  10am – 3pm

Guess who's back in Uptown at a new location?! Uptown Flea is!

Get ready for Uptown's favorite treasure hunt closer to more fun in Center City. Find us at our new location, 406 North Tryon Street, just two blocks from 7th Street Public Market and across the street from delicious food, drinks, and fun.

2) Spring Fling -  2pm– 7pm

1st Annual - Hosted by Carbonation for Beers, BBQ, live music and percentage of proceeds benefiting Hollyz Hope!

3) 55 Years of Mustang - 9am-9pm

celebrating 55 years of the Ford Mustang! We will be hosting the 55 Years of Mustang and Grand Opening of the Mustang Owner's Museum during the same week! Some activities include a welcome party, celebration dinner, open track, Guinness World Record Mustang parade attempt and much more in store for all of you attending. Visit mustangownersmuseum.com for more information and tickets.

4) 4/20 Puppy Party - 11am - 8pm

Max and Lola Bodega is hosting a PUPPY PARTY Dog costume contest at 4:20. Taco-Saurus Food Truck will be here 1-6. Max and Lola is a woman-owned wine, bottle and CBD shop in South End’s Gold District with 19 taps and a CBD cocktail bar.

5) DIY Rain Barrel Workshop 10am-2pm

Save water, save money, recycle! Learn how to conserve and harvest water using a rain barrel. Our friends from Discovery Place, River Network, and Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated will help you retrofit a Coca-Cola syrup drum into a catch basin for rain water. All materials will be provided. This FREE water workshop will have educational activities for all ages. We'll discover the importance of water conservation and explore ways to prevent water pollution through hands-on activities and story time.

6) Charlotte Smokeoff 2019 4pm – 8pm


It’s BACK and for the first time ever it is actually on 4/20!

Think you have what it takes to be crowned the best Smoker in the Queen City? If so, then join the 2019 Charlotte Smokeoff Competition! There are only 25 slots and teams ALWAYS fill up fast! So make sure you shoot an email to Scotty@unknownbrewing.com to register!


7) Paint & Sip Reggae Night  - 7pm – 12pm

Roots Rock Reggae and Paint!!!

Come join us as we have an irie experience PAINT PARTY!!

We will have one of the hottest DJ‘s spinning some of the hottest reggae, reggaeton and dance hall music. This event will be sure to help you lively up yourself while you pond de river pond de boat or do a little skank reggae now.

Tuesday April 23th

8) Wells Fargo History Museum - 9am-5pm

The museum highlights gold mining in North Carolina, and the beginnings of Wachovia Bank. Exhibits include a model of an 1889 Wachovia Bank branch from Winston-Salem.


Wednesday April 24th

9) CLT Wine and Food Weekend  - 6pm– 11pm

The weekend starts on a Wednesday for this great venue! Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend brings together leading winemakers and chefs from around the world to celebrate and advance public knowledge of and appreciation for great wine and food, while making significant contributions to charitable organizations that benefit children and their families in the Charlotte community.


Thursday April 25th

10) Cinema Magic: Music and the Movies  - 730pm– 9pm

Hosted by North Meck Community Chorus: The chorus celebrates the Magic of Music in the Movies – a choral tribute to the diverse and entertaining world of film music. Please join us as we sing selections from some of the most popular movies including:  La La Land, Mary Poppins Returns, The Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, Titanic and Many More! Enter the 50/50 Raffle for a chance to win 50% of all raffle proceeds or a pair of movie tickets courtesy of Our Town Cinemas-Davidson!


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April 12, 2019

Outside Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Most people have a plan of attack when it comes to spring cleaning their home’s interior, but what about their exterior spaces? With warmer months just around the corner, give some TLC to your outdoor spaces and be ready when the urge to get outside takes over. Below find an easy to use checklist that details what needs to be done within your outdoor living spaces and yard.

Check the Deck

  • Sweep or pressure wash unsightly cobwebs and other debris from porch ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Wash all patio furniture with a cleaning solution specially formulated for outdoor furniture.
  • Pay attention to the areas where you and your company will be sitting: wash or replace outdoor rugs, pillows and cushions, drapery and umbrellas as needed.

How Is Your Garden?

  • Clear away any dead weeds or leaves from planter boxes and gardening areas.
  • Trim and prune trees and shrubs to encourage growth and eliminate an untidy appearance.  If tree trimming is new territory for you, seek the help of your neighborhood gardening enthusiast; they will be glad to offer advice.
  • Add fresh soil and amendments to garden and landscaped areas.
  • Take inventory of existing plants and determine what you would like to add this season.

Give Everything a Once Over

  • Give the grill a thorough scrubbing and refill or replace propane tanks if required.
  • Clear out debris from gutters. Plan on spending extra time here, especially if nearby tree leaves tend to collect there.
  • Hose down or power wash your home’s exterior and doors; touch up paint where needed as well.
  • Wash window and door tracks. Don’t forget the windows!
  • Wash decorative flags and fabric decorations while checking for any tears that might need repair.
  • Clean outside light fixtures and replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Check hoses for cracks and leaks; store on a decorative hose holder to prevent damage while adding a nice accent to your outdoor space.
  • Give a critical eye to retaining walls, driveways, sidewalks and outdoor furniture for damage. The winter months adds considerable wear and tear to your home’s exterior.

Bottom Line List of Spring Clean

Outside To-Do List

  • sweep deck
  • power wash deck
  • stain deck
  • power spray siding
  • touch up paint trim, wood, doors, and shutters
  • power wash garage door
  • clean outside door frames
  • wipe away cobwebs
  • shake out entry mat
  • clean grill
  • clean and repair gutters
  • replace broken bricks, wood, or stone
  • clean outdoor light fixtures
  • wash outside windows
  • clean outside patio furniture
  • trim trees, bushes and shrubbery
  • check and repair sprinklers
  • inspect roof shingles
  • wipe away cobwebs
  • plant flowers
  • plant garden
  • add mulch
  • clean outdoor trash cans
  • clean out garage
  • wash and wax vehicles


Ideas from IDreamofCleanBlog

And CountryDoorBlog

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April 12, 2019

Events April 13-16

Saturday April 13th

1) Hop Into Spring -  2pm – 4pm

At my favorite park, Robbin’s Park in Cornelius - free, family event designed for ages 3-12. Participants can enjoy an afternoon filled with fun, including egg-themed activities, egg hunt, arts & crafts, music, face painting, inflatables and concessions.

2) Greystar University Wine Festival -  2pm– 6pm

Greystar Apartments @8708 JW Clay Blvd, Charlotte - 3rd Annual sure to be a great time with many sponsors- this is a huge event around the lake at Greystar. And they said even with the rain tomorrow, they are still pouring :-)

3) 2nd Annual CupCake Wars - 12pm-3pm

At Devaste Vineyards one of my favorites! Benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation $20 for wine and tastings of contestants cupcakes. Stop...nothing better than this!

4) Cold Blooded and Bizarre - 11am - 8pm

Celebrating the opening of Charlotte's only reptile specialty pet store and oddities shop! Join us in an extraordinary day of fun for the whole family. Get up close and personal with some of nature's most beautiful and bizarre animals and see our large selection of oddities and curiosities. 3000 Central Ave., Charlotte

Sunday April 14th

5) LKN Clothing Shop Pop Up 1pm-4pm

ut with the old in with the new! Ready for some new clothes? Clean out all your unworn or non-fitting clothes and trade for new to you clothes. Who doesn't like to shop for free? This event will be open to everyone of all shapes, sizes, genders, and walks of life! So bring good condition, stain free clothing and accessories that you no longer wear and let’s  swap!

6) Edison Square Vendor Pop Up 1pm – 4pm


Enjoy a day with your friends and family supporting local vendors & businesses while

enjoying music, mimosas & craft beer at Hop & Vine, Abbott’s Custard, Chop & Chisel & Rice ‘n Spice! Hosted by: Hop & Vine - 10070 Edison Square Drive NW, Concord


7) NC Food Rodeo  - 12pm – 4pm


At Elon's Grove Winery & Vineyards Free parking & admission. Family friendly. Wine, beer & dining areas available. Music by GypsySoul.


8) Earth Fest  - 11am


At Daniel Stowe Botanical - Celebrate an early Earth Day with family crafts and educational activities that encourage guests to follow a path to a more sustainable and earth-friendly lifestyle. Live music, lawn games, the DSBG Beer Garden and a spring nature hike are all part of the fun.

Tuesday April 16th


9) Week of the Young Child  - 11:15am


At Discovery Place kids in Huntersville - Join them as we host the following activities to put a spotlight on early learners:


10) Mickey&Minnie Visit for Springbreak  - 6pm– 8pm


If you can’t make it to Disney, don’t worry!! Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be here from 6pm-8pm so bring the kiddos and the rest of the family out for some great food and great fun!!

***Dine-In Guests Only***


🍔🍔$5.99 Cheeseburger with fries (1/2 pound hand-pattied burger topped with your choice of cheese served with hand-cut fries)🍔🍔

🍻🍻3.25 all pints (32 to choose from!)🍻🍻

🍷🍷1/2 Price Vista Point wine🍷🍷

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April 10, 2019

Moving To North Carolina

20 Surprising Things You Might Not Expect When Moving To North Carolina

Between going out of state for college and recently returning from two months in Europe, all I have to say is culture shock is very, very real. While each state provides it’s own unique culture…North Carolina has a handful. For new residents, or recently returned natives like myself, here are twenty things that might surprise you about the Tar Heel state.

1. We’re really THAT nice

You might find yourself wondering if you’re part of some weird social experiment…or if everyone is just being really nice to you because they know you’re not a local. It’s hard to believe a group of people can really be this nice…but our southern hospitality and southern roots lead us to be a pretty good bunch.

2. Gravy on everything

It’s not just our biscuits that get a helpful serving of gravy. We put it on mashed potatoes, chicken, country friend steak, anything that looks a bit ‘thirsty’ will likely be topped with gravy.

3. Amazing fast food

While most people have their qualms about ‘food that comes out of a window,’ North Carolina has some pretty amazing fast food restaurants. From Bojangles to Cookout…you’ll never feel the need to stop by those golden arches again.

4. Really delicious food in relatively abandoned/questionable buildings

North Carolina has perfected the art of a ‘joint.’ You’ll find some of the best food in the state in these little buildings.

5. We don’t just disagree about basketball

While the infamous NC/Duke rivalry is commonly what one thinks of when they think ‘NC Beef’ you’ll be surprised to find there is a whole other war brewing in the Tar Heel State. That disagreement is of course over barbecue. With two distinct styles dominating the state (Eastern and Lexington) each native has their own preferred sauce, and cut of pork…and is very passionate about it.

6. There’s no BS’in round these parts

With a state motto of ‘to be rather than to seem’ North Carolinians will always keep it real…even with you.

7. And on the other end of that one…you might get a disguised insult

While North Carolinians do keep it real…we also prefer to ‘disguise’ our insults with a subtle ‘bless your heart.’ Beware of the bless your hearts….

8. All four seasons…in one week

While many flock to North Carolina for it’s beautiful weather and four seasons in full force, you’ll be surprised that during the ‘transitional’ months like October and March you can have 70 degrees on Monday and snow on Thursday.

9. Things move a bit slower

You might find yourself in a big city like Raleigh or Charlotte…but you’ll still be surprised at the laid back lifestyle instilled in even the most busy city folks. While we prefer to work hard and play hard, we also reserve ample amount of time for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery and company.

10. Allegiance to soft drinks

You’re sure to find natives drinking a handful of soft drinks. Yet, we prefer to keep our allegiance to Cheerwine and Pepsi, which were invented in the Tar Heel State. North Carolinians also have a weird fascination with Sun Drop, in which some natives claim it just tastes better here.

11. Livermush


It’s likely you’ll find yourself in contact with this strange meat-combo of pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal. Try it once to say you’ve tried it…that’s all you’ll need.

12. Our own vocabulary

Half of the time it might sound like we are speaking a different language. Well, we somewhat are. It’s called ‘North Carolinian’ but luckily I made a helpful guide for this ‘language’ right here.

13. Beautiful small towns

While some small towns in the south are so decrepit and abandoned they look like the perfect setting for Wrong Turn 2, North Carolina takes pride in its small towns. From the mountains to the Outer Banks, you’ll find dozens of beautiful, picturesque small towns that look straight out of a movie set.

14. Manners

Unlike our neighbors to the north, if we bump into you on the street we’re sure to say excuse me. You also might find it strange the first time you get called mister or ma’am..but eventually you’ll get used to it.

15. Reasonable cost of living

You’ll be amazed at what you can get in North Carolina. Between beautiful views, lush greenery, friendly neighbors, and amazing city life…you’ll feel like you’re somehow cheating the system living for a reasonable price in North Carolina.

16. Art…everywhere

North Carolina is known has a very artistic state. Yet, once you arrive here you’ll be amazed at just how artistic the state really is. Murals are everywhere, quaint bookstores, galleries, amazing live music, I could go on and on.

17. Immense diversity

You’ll meet every kind of person in North Carolina. From the hippies of Asheville, the fisherman of the Outer Banks, the finance dudes of Charlotte, and the down-home southerners of the small towns. You’ll be amazed at the vast array of personalities that call North Carolina home.

18. Endless activities

From outdoor recreation, to catching a concert on a warm summer night. North Carolina is filled with activities to keep your calendar booked.

19. A festival for everything

From white squirrels, to apples, to livermush, to holidays….’Festivals’ in the Tar Heel State are extremely popular. Here is a list of ten to check out.

20. Never wanting to leave

You might have grown up in another state, but soon enough North Carolina will make it’s way into your heart and you’ll find yourself never wanting to leave.

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

Courtesy of  Emory Rakestraw as posted in OnlyInYourState.com


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April 8, 2019

2019 Will Be A Great Year for Real Estate

Many homeowners believe that rising interest rates and home prices have scared away buyers and therefore have not listed their houses for sale. However, the truth is that buyers who were unable to find a home last year are out in force, and there are even more coming!

NerdWallet’s 2018 Home Buyer Report revealed that:

“Approximately one-third (32%) of Americans plan to purchase a home in the next five years. Millennials are most likely to have such a purchase in their five-year plan (49%), versus 35% of Generation X and 17% of baby boomers.”

As we can see, buyers are optimistic! According to the report, here are the top reasons Americans plan to buy:

2019 Will Be a Great Year for Buyers AND Sellers | Keeping Current Matters

The most common reason Americans prioritize buying is that they believe it’s a good investment!

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, 2019 is the perfect year to put your house on the market. But why?

  1. Buyers want to buy
  2. No competition!

At least 3 of the renowned organizations that report on real estate market trends predict that homeowners are going to wait until 2020 to list their homes, leading to a nice increase in sales (as shown in the graph below).

2019 Will Be a Great Year for Buyers AND Sellers | Keeping Current Matters

Don’t wait for a competitive market; be ahead of the curve and sell your house at the best possible price!

Bottom Line

There are more and more buyers entering the market every day! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a current homeowner looking to move-up to your next home, sit with a real estate professional who can help you with your real estate needs!

April 4, 2019

Weekly Events 4_5 to 4_11

1) Peninsula Yacht Club - Saturday, April 6, at 11 AM – 5 PM

Vessel safety checks, new boat test rides, power boat challenges, lawn games for kids, free hotdogs and more. Open to the public and FREE

2) Beer Me Brew Festival - Saturday, April 6, at 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM

National Beer Day - 7th Annual Fest - Southend - Lot’s of local brews and fun

3) Pad Thai Made in Under 3 minutes - All the Time

Looking for quick, made-to-order Thai food? Rivergate’s newest restaurant, a fast-casual Thai spot, will whip you up a fresh Pad Thai in less than 3 minutes — along with 300 other customizable dishes. Canadian-based Thai Express will open its first N.C. franchise at 12807 South Tryon St. Suite E-200 later this year in the Rivergate Shopping Center.

4) Jurassic Quest - Friday April 5, 3pm thru April 7 at 8pm

At the Park Expo and Convention Center - Jurassic says it all...

5) Daniels’ Tiger Live! Sunday, April 7, at 2 PM

At Ovens - Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated television series from Fred Rogers Productions airing on PBS KIDS.

6) Charlotte African American Festival- Saturday, April 6, at 10 AM – 10 PM

The 7th Annual Charlotte African American Festival (CAAF) is a celebration of the rich heritage and accomplishments of African Americans at Blumenthal's Spirit Square which is located at 345 North College Street in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.


7) King Canary Brewing Spring Market  - Sunday April 7, 1 PM – 8 PM

The April Spring Market is is sure to be a good one with a talented list of vendors ready to share their treasures with you. TIN Kitchen will be out there too. Live music by Sandy Herrault from 2-5pm. Beer, cider, wine and prosecco pouring in the taproom from 12-8pm. Pet friendly market and outdoor seating.


8) Ladie’s Pub Run and LKN Moms  - Tuesday April 9, 6:15 PM – 8:15 PM

We will have a give aways and drink specials and a place for the group to mingle. Start time is 6:30pm for the run. Get here a bit early and be ready to go, you are running with some Bad-ass women! Runners & Walkers of all pace levels are welcome!   We’re working on routes but hope to have a couple of options ranging from 3-5 miles


9) Crank Sinatra Live at OTPH  - Wed. April 10, 8 PM – 1030 PM

Don't miss the debut performance of Crank Sinatra on Wednesday April 10th featuring this dynamic and talented group of young musicians playing everything from jazz standards to funk, classic rock and more. 🎵🎸🎤


10) Bark in the Ballpark  - Monday April 8, 6 PM – 10 PM

Back by popular demand, the Charlotte Knights will host four Bark in the Ballpark games in 2019 presented by Williams Subaru of Charlotte. On these dates, fans are welcome to bring the dogs to the ballpark.

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March 14, 2019

Weekly Events 3/15-3/21

1) Charlotte Ballet = Sat. 3/16 11am

Peter Pan! Let your imagination soar on a spectacular journey to Neverland with Charlotte Ballet!

2) Queen City Rides Tours = Tour times: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm.  

Queen City Rides offers a variety of tours ranging from city to party to brewery tours.  

Ask us about our group rates and FREE parking

3) Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen - Sat. 3/16 9am-2pm

It’s not a class or in a box, it’s a good ol’ brunch service! Visit us between 9 am – 2 pm on Saturdays for the best breakfast in town.

4) Learn Music Legends - Sat. 3/16 6pm

Located at Kadi Fit, Join them for our Learn Music Legends showcase! They are excited to share what our bands have been working on! Food will be available by OooWee BBQ!

5) Spring Pallet Painting - Tues. 3/19 630pm

Join Sweet Southern Pallet Designs for a fun Spring themed evening of pallet painting at BIN 110 in Cornelius. "Spring Pallet Painting" is a fun way to get creative painting your own custom piece of artwork while enjoying all BIN 110 has to offer.

6) Wine Tasting Dinner - Wed. 3/20 30pm

Hosted at The Barrel in Mooresville - Oui, Oui.....French Wines

7) Cruise in for Crimestoppers - Fri. 3/15 6pm

They are baaaccckk at Innovative Speed Shop hosted by Hot Rods and Hops, North Meck Crime Stoppers, ARH Designs & Luxury Auto Company

8) Farmers and Artisans Market in South End - Sat. 3/16 9am-2pm

Saturday mornings are a great time to come to Atherton! There are lots of great farmers & artisans that bring in meats, produce, mushrooms, sauces, soaps, dog food, flowers, plants and so much more.

9) Stonewall Connect Game Night and Kickoff Wed. 3/20 7pm

Stonewall Connect is a way for our community to connect - across age, race, social status, physical abilities and other boundaries. Join us for Game Night at Trivia as we introduce Stonewall Connect - our NEW offering focused on connecting our community across age, race, social status, physical abilities and other boundaries.

10) Pancake Day - Thurs. 3/21 6am.

Pancake Day at the Boys & Girls Club has been a tradition for decades. Hope you can join us for the 62nd annual event




  1. Funny Bus Comedy City Tour


  1. Center City Walking Tour


  1. Favorite Things Bicycle Tour


  1. Local Flavors of Noda


  1. Local Flavors of Plaza Midwood


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March 8, 2019

Weekly Events 3/8-3/14

Try out some of these places to eat this weekend and let us know your rating!

1) SouperBowl XV = Sat. 3/9 11am

15th Annual event for Davidson Housing Coalition, eat different soups from local restaurants for a culinary competition!

2) Untapped Territory = Sun 3/10 3pm

1st Annual Boozy Bluegrass and Oyster Bash - Get ready for beach days and sun rays with Untapped Territory's 1st oyster roast.  The experts at Saltwater Markets will be on site to prepare fresh oysters. Oyster "dumps" will begin at 3 pm and continue once every half hour while supplies last.  All-you-can-eat steamed oysters!

3) King Canary Spring Market = Sat 3/10 1pm

Food, Brews and Shop!

4) Frankfurter Fridays at OTPH = Fri 3 /8 5pm

Come out to {OTPH} for some cold brews, sweet jams, and tasty franks and brats from B's Grill every Friday night starting at 5pm! 😋🎶🌭

5) Rural Hill Scotch Whiskey Dinner = Fri 3 /8 630pm


6) Wine and Cheese Class = Wed. 3/13 630pm

Taste a variety of cheeses and wines, sourced both locally and from around the world guided by Josh of the Assorted Table and Rachel from Orrman's Cheese Shop at 7th St. Market.

7) Burgers for Purpose! = Tues 3/12 11am-5pm

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Concord has jumped in to help raise money for Cara’s Purpose by donating 20% of your lunch or dinner purchase on this day back to CP ❤️🐻

8) Next Plate: Israeli + Italian = Wed. 3/13 7pm

Wednesdays at Camp North End series pairs leading chefs from different culinary traditions with an arts organization to compose an unforgettable dining experience.

9) Croation Wine and Food Pairing = Tue. 3/12 6pm

It's a match made in Heaven...

Good Eats and Meets invites you to join our sister venture Captivating Croatia as we tag team with Bond St. Wines and Orrman’s Cheese Shop to present you a very intimate and special Croatian Wine and Food Pairing

10) Women Reaching Higher Beauties Brunch = Sun. 3/10 12pm

The event will be held at Sips on South, located in the heart of Southend. Women Reaching Higher (WRH) is a diverse group of women that are empowering other women who are seeking personal and spiritual growth through avenues that provide motivation, awareness and mentoring. WRH offers self-development events and workshops, mentoring programs,




  1. Funny Bus Comedy City Tour

  1. Center City Walking Tour

  1. Favorite Things Bicycle Tour

  1. Local Flavors of Noda

  1. Local Flavors of Plaza Midwood


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March 6, 2019

Birthday Party Places

Local Hot Spots of places to have your child's next party! Alot of these offer corporate and team building packages too. Have fun and try one!


1) W8Less LKN

Jumping Extravaganza - lot’s of different packages to choose from.

2) Paint Ur Peace - Matthews

Paint your own pottery and canvas painting studio for ages 5 to alive!  Paint, create and mingle! Have Fun!

3) Atomz Lab - Fort Mill

All the supplies, fun, favors, clean up are provided. At their place or yours!

4) Engineering for Kids - Charlotte

Einstein, Edison or Isac Newton themed parties!

5) Ourtown Cinemas - Davidson

Hosts special screenings in the whole theater!

6) Bach to Rock - Huntersville

2 Hours jam session where your birthday boy/girl is the star!

7) K1 Speed - Concord

48” or taller, a ton of package choices for car racing fun!

8) Frye’s Roller Skating - Concord

Good ole’ fashion skate party!


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March 1, 2019

Week of 3.1-3.7

1) Public Skating = All Week this week

At Extreme Ice Center - Don’t forget it’s still winter with the up and down temps, this is fun to learn to ice skate and family time memories!

2) Warped Wall = Sat. 3/2 All Day

Conquer the warped wall in Northlake! Great way to work off steam for kiddos!

3) Bug Lab = Tues. 3/5 All Day and Month

At Discovery Place and experience the immersion of bugs and their amazing abilities.  

4) Sip and Seek Wedding Show = Sun. 3/3 1pm-4pm

Historic Rural Hill -  The Sip & Seek Wedding Show will be an intimate setting for couples and vendors to meet while enjoying complimentary wine, food and door prizes.

5) Conversation about Work Life Balance = Sat. 3/2 4pm-5pm

Join UNCC Professor Bryan Robinson at Main Street Books and discussion on his new book “Chill”.

6) Glow in the Dark Mini Golf = Sat. 3/2 10am

Grand Opening of Rainforest Glow Mini Golf in Indian Trail.

7) Outkast on a Quest = Sat. 3/2 930pm

Radio Rehab Carolinas presents OUTKAST ON A QUEST featuring 2 legendary Carolina DJ's

8) Batcha and Salsa Tuesdays = Tue. 3 /5 10 pm

Join Rumbao every Tuesday (except the first Tuesday of the month-hosted by RW)after our classes at La Revolucion Tacos, Mexicology, and Good Times! Some of the best tacos in town and drink specials.

9) Cookie & Beer Pairing = Thurs. 3/6 4pm

Carolina Ale House - Cookies and beer, we can't think of a better pairing!

10) Cabernet tasting = Tue. 3 /5 630pm

The most popular red varietal done right at Bin 110!  Come enjoy 4 different Cabernet offerings in a proper glass and at a proper temperature!  We will taste through 4 different wines, all of high quality.



  1. Funny Bus Comedy City Tour

  2. Center City Walking Tour

  3. Favorite Things Bicycle Tour

  4. Local Flavors of Noda

  5. Local Flavors of Plaza Midwood

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