I am probably a 100% like Joey on Friends, "ummmm Sandwich" is a staple comment from me. I will put anything in between two pieces of bread. I mean anything. Now the bread needs to be a bit special - no Wonder bread here but what ever is slipped in and stacked and layered and smudged on, I'll eat it and try it. I am not sure I could live without a sandwich. And every-time I start a no carb kinda eating plan, I get depressed. No sandwich. But I end up finding a way to make sure once a week I get my sammy on. I'd like to declare every day sandwich day, but my family won't have it.

Here are five that I would eat any day of the week or any time of the day, Breakfast Lunch or Dinner. Try them!  


Great Harvest Bread

19901 S Main St.,Cornelius

I mentioned how the bread on a sandwich needs to be a bit special. This place will do that! Their smoked turkey with peppers lettuce and cheese wasn't around long enough for me to remember eating it. So I've been back a few times. Locations in Charlotte too with this one in Cornelius most recent opening and very excited to have them. Make sure you bring some bread home with you to make your own.


Clean Eatz

17711 Kenton Drive,Cornelius

Not just for meal planning but go into the cafe and get the Grilled Goat Cheese sandwich with squash, tomato and homemade spinach remoulade. No meat you say, doesn't matter. This combo on oat bread makes my mouth water before I get there to order. Lot's of locations but the one in Lake Norman just hit their 1 year anniversary! Yippeee. 


Viva Chicken

9121 Sam Furr Road, Huntersville

WoW Lomito on ciabatta bread is tasty. Sirlon with tomato, onions and their rocoto mayo is super filling.  Just walking into Viva overwhelms with delicious smells and makes it hard to order. But trust me the spices and just right cooked sirlon is a nice change from the chicken.   



10308 Bailey Road, Unit 427, Cornelius

Their perfect tag line..."a plant based twist on a southern tradition" says it all. We all love our barbeque and can have throw down arguments on which place is the best. But when you are vegan, it doesn't get better then this. Barvecue is sold in stores across the Carolinas, however ordering a freshie from their Cornelius location is simple. Use their Order Now Chow Now online system and go pick it up. Delish .  

The Egg Cafe

9525 Birkdale Crossing, Huntersville

This second location from their original in Davidson allowed my hubs to try their Stuffin Muffin. It's just an egg you say, it's just a muffin, ham, cheese...Noooo. It's the perfect breakfast sandwich in all its basic glory. Sure they have more then just eggs here...but this one is worth waiting for. 


Tell me your thoughts on any of these sandwiches and tell us more ideas. Never too many sandwiches to try!


If you want to try your hand at making your own Peruvian Chicken...


Little extra, quick drive around Cornelius. Peaceful.