This week’s Huntersville hot spot is Verde!
Located off of 23/Gilead by Earth Fare - this Latin deliciousness is waiting for you to come and enjoy their fresh foods. Which isn't just normal Mexican dishes. I didn't know that their sister restaurant was Prickly Pear! I had been there twice before they changed locations and then just never made it back out to Mooreseville. And then there
And just like that I randomly met some co-workers for lunch and suggested Verde. So glad I did. Not one of us four had been there so this was especially nice. New experience for us all.
Start with "DE JAIBA" Chipotle Crab Cakes served over a mixed green salad, truffle orange vinaigrette. $10
And if you are vegan - "VEGETARIANO" Roasted veggies, cactus paddles, cotija cheese, rice, black beans, tomato ragout. $9
And you can never go wrong with this traditional meal with the Latin spin "COCHINITA PIBIL" Traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork, rice, beans, avocado salsa,
pickled onions. $9
I love this place so much because for under $15, I can have a delicious lunch. Have you ever been here before? What was your favorite food on the menu? I had the TAMPIQUEÑA which is Grilled Steak, mole chicken enchilada, cactus pico de gallo & rice for just $11.00!
They have live music every Saturday at 9pm and you can order online and deliverable by Uber Eats! There is no reason not to try this place and make it a regular spot!
Salsa it Up!