While we are familiar with Charlotte Douglas International Airport,there are quite a few airports and airparks out there for us to use to get in and out of this growing city. Also, if you are an aviator or aviator junkie, you can own a home with a Hangar, or Hangar facilities in your hood. Also most of these places offer pilot school and the ability to watch planes. I like watching planes. :-)


Here is a link to those houses that have a hangar: HANGARHOUSES



1) Wilgrove Airpark - Charlotte

2) Gold Hill Airpark - Gold Hill

3) Lake Norman Airpark - Mooresville

4) Long Island Airport - Sherrills Ford

5) Bradley Field - China Grove/Salisbury

6) Bradford Field Airport - Huntersville

7) Little Mountain Airport - Denver/Maiden

8) Concord Regional Airport - Concord

9) McCachren Field - Harrisburg