Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

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Some of you will remember walking into a Blockbuster or, for the hip, your local mom and pop video store on a Friday or Saturday night and being overwhelmed with all of the choices. Where to begin?

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

What you need is to be able to log on and know exactly what you want to start bingeing without wasting time scrolling around. Enter Paste — our TV writers are ready to assist in helping you find what you need. Bookmark this and come back as more series are added to Netflix and some may be taken away each month. And an important note: The list now starts with our 1 pick! Looking for streaming series on other networks? Watch on Netflix.

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

But Breaking Bad made its bones quickly, publicly, and with plenty of pizzazz. How has the tragic ballad of science teacher-turned-meth kingpin Walter White Bryan Cranston weathered its title over the years? Known across the pond as The Great British Bake-Offthe appeal of the wildly popular reality TV series—most seasons of which are now available on Netflix—is its refusal to go in for dramatic contrivances. Some of the best sitcoms in history are about bad people. Allow this incredible production to sweep you away in an epic fantasy journey, one that is able to so much more deeply and fully explore the world Henson and Frank Oz imagined with the original film.

You can liken it to Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones or any high fantasy series you like, but after ten magical hours it truly stands on its own as a gorgeous, innovative, emotional, joyous, and exceptional wonder. Get past any hesitance over the puppets which are actually outstanding, as CG is used only to smooth out backgrounds and actionturn subtitles on to help you remember all of the character names, and immerse yourself in this incredible world that we are so, so lucky to have. When Bob Odenkirk showed up towards the end of the second season of Breaking Badplaying sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, it was a small shock to the system for anyone who has long appreciated his work as a writer and a comic actor on series like SNL and Mr.

Little did we know that this was only the beginning of a tragic and hilarious tale that would start to take on the scope of an epic Russian novel.

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

And then something happened. Her husband, Johnny Eugene Levyonce the owner of a successful chain of video stores, rediscovered his purpose running a motel. Moira won a seat on the town council. Their son, David Dan Levyopened a store and met the love of his life. It is difficult to watch at times, the kind of series likely to live with you long after its final moments come to a close; for a story centered on rape, that is hardly unusual.

The work of its three remarkable lead actors is wonderful but also not unique; other television shows and movies have hired exceptional performers to tell these stories. Instead, Unbelievable distinguishes itself by the simple act of making one very big assumption: that everyone watching already knows that rape is a horrific violation. It is fully aware that of the people on the other side of the screen one in six women and one in 33 men will have personally experienced a rape or an attempted rape in their lives. It has absolutely no interest in immersing its audience in trauma and violation.

Unbelievable knows that you know rape is bad.

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

It does not act as a voyeur. Based on a Pulitzer-winning piece of journalism by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong of ProPublica and The Marshall Project, respectivelyUnbelievable is a series of such quiet power that its full impact may not come crashing down until after its conclusion. With the rise of Stalin impacting Europe, and the Treaty of Versailles not sitting well with dangerous nationalist groups, Berlin is a hotbed of covert activities. Despite the time period in a surprise perhaps to American viewersthe first time we are shown a swastika is not until the Season 2 finale.

But the slow turning of that tide—the fall of democracy, the rising blame against the Jewish community—is felt throughout, as violence spills out onto the streets, among a population still splintered from the horrors of the first World War. And yet, Babylon Berlin is never a dark series. It can be sad or heartbreaking, but it can also be luminous and joyous. It takes time to spend an entire episode casually lounging by a lake, but also builds such an intricate interplay of narrative thre that, when they start to pay off, you will come away astonished.

By all means, renew Natasha Lyonne. Renew Amy Poehler. Renew Leslye Headland. Renew Charlie Barnett. Renew Rebecca Henderson and Greta Lee as hot mess hipster art friends ready to make parties across the Netflix spectrum that much spikier and sparklier. Renew sharp, funny women directing sharp, funny women written Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure sharp, funny women.

Renew that hair. Renew every damn thing about Russian Doll that helped make it such a brambly triumph of black comedy, macabre ennui and existential optimism. Renewing Russian Doll as a whole is trickier. It is, in the eight shaggy, smartly-constructed puzzlebox episodes of its debut season, nearly perfect. You cannot look away from When They See Us or shelter yourself from the blinding truth. On April 19,year-old Trisha Meli was jogging in Central Park when she was brutally raped and left for dead.

In a coma for 12 days, Meli had no memory of what happened to her and was unable to identify her attacker or attackers. Everyone—the mayor, the district attorney, the police department—wanted her attackers caught. But somewhere along the line, Manhattan District Attorney Linda Fairstein Felicity Huffman, in her first post-scandal role and NYPD detectives lost sight of wanting to find the actual criminal and decided to solve the crime by any means necessary. The story itself is overwhelmingly powerful.

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

One is the casting of five relatively unknown actors to play the boys. We also get to see their families, who fought so hard for their children.

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

They all make horrible mistakes and painful decisions. But their love for their children is never in doubt. When They See Us is exceedingly difficult to watch. It cut me to my very core. Thankfully it is not, freeing it from the confines of what could be stodgy biopic traps. Chess has never been more kinetically riveting. Deftly edited and full of stylish montages, the moves that come so easily to Beth are not easily explained to viewers. There is a depth of knowledge that defies casual understanding, but it is also never a barrier. Beth is almost supernaturally gifted, brilliant at chess yet hindered by a mind that also finds solace in addictions of various kinds.

Like Beth, Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure triumphs through its devotion to a love of the game. Instead, in telling the story of a ragtag group of community college students, the show used its vast pop culture vernacular as a vessel for telling surprisingly resonant stories about outcasts attempting to find acceptance, a sense of belonging and, yes, community.

The strange, winding saga of Community will forever stand as the stuff of TV sitcom legends. Say what you will about the finer points of its storytelling, Stranger Things continues to be an unabashed celebration of the s, from its own filmic references regarding style and story to a cavalcade of literal references from the era. Its plucky set of kid and teen characters battle monsters real or within themselves and go to the mall. And that, really, is where Stranger Things shines.

The creep factor is important and occasionally actually scary or super gorybut it acts as an almost funny juxtaposition to the otherwise happy-go-lucky look at suburban life. A fast-paced French comedy-drama about a Parisian talent agency and the lovably infuriating folks who staff it. With four short seasons each running six episodesthe series is entertaining simply as a clever take on the industry, but what makes it truly great is how it grounds that storytelling in relatable characters and the neverending carousel of their triumphs and woes.

In other words, ouiworth the subtitles. Legends of Tomorrowthough, is a drama that truly understands the meaning of joy. It gets much, much better. Legends is the rare series that learns from its mistakes, always ready to grow and innovate to bring us the most bonkers but wonderful television. Legends of Tomorrow is funny, strange, bizarre, beautiful, and silly. It incorporates puppets and unicorns and sentient lopped-off nipples, but also explores the the devastation of losing loved ones, of advocating for those who need a voice, and an ever-developing journey of self-discovery.

us for the ride.

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

But in this moment, Elizabeth is at a point where all she knows is that she must simply carry on. And so, indeed—as the series takes great pains to argue—must the crown. Tompkins Original Network: Netflix. Tompkins, who is in my mind the funniest man on planet Earth, could not be better suited to the child-like Mr. Peanut Butter. The series focuses on a London family with eight children, all of whom were blessed with good genes and five or six? And thus, in this Regency-era setting, the game is afoot with the quippy, mysterious gossip Lady Whistledown as our guide. There are balls and rakes and other things that had a completely different meaning in the s, but one thing that has not changed is how electrifying the buttoning of a glove or the slight touch of hands can be in the right context.

Bored funny educated boy seeks Cranston and adventure

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