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Added: Tremain Erby - Date: Fatima Gailani believes girls and women should be given the same opportunities as boys and men to become educated and develop their vocational and professional skills. The country has experienced more than two decades of conflict, and according to Fatima Gailani, women and children are often the first victims of war. Here, a disabled child is assisted b. Women volunteers and staff from the Afghan Red Crescent take time out from their work to enjoy a game of volleyball.

The Afghan Red Crescent is actively encouraging women to up as volunteers and help their communities. Fatima Gailani: I had a very happy childhood. I was lucky because I was born and grew up in a very privileged family.

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Gender was not an issue and this gave me great confidence. In our family, girls and boys were educated and they were brought up with equal confidence, equal opportunities and a strong sense of responsibility. I always felt that I was equal with any person in society, but of course that was not the case for most girls in Afghanistan.

A huge difference between men and women still exists today. My father is a prominent religious leader, yet he is a very down-to-earth, loving person and really Single wife seeking nsa Harrisburg. When we Single wife seeking nsa Harrisburg younger, he played and joked with us.

My mother was very strict with us. She taught us to know the value of a privileged life, and to spend money in a careful and responsible way. She was also an active woman. Besides her day-to-day responsibilities as the wife of a religious leader and as a mother, she always found time to be a volunteer in the Red Crescent. She is very proud of her achievements.

We were lucky that no one from our immediate family was killed by the communist government. We took refuge in England. In exile, I was no longer a Cconfident woman who knows her Crescent person… I was just one of many refugees in a foreign country. As I was the eldest child, I had to take charge of my family. All the male members of my family were involved in the resistance in Afghanistan. I had to learn English from scratch, I had to learn how to cook.

On top of all that, I was a new mother. My daughter, Homaira, was only few months old. Somehow, I managed all this and learned how to settle down. As soon as I was comfortable with my new situation and my new language, I started looking after wounded Afghan children as well as young members of the resistance, who were injured during the war and who were brought to England for treatment.

I acted as a translator, took them to hospitals, talked to them, cooked for them. In short, I cared for them. Soon after that, I became the official spokesperson for the Afghan resistance in the West, based in England. This discrimination does not come from the government… it comes from their own families. Personally, I never think about my gender, whether I am in the Red Crescent or when I was recently working on the new Constitution.

I had to go from village to village to speak to different people, sitting in the mosque talking to a congregation of men. I think when you reach certain level of education, people will respect you. But the dilemma is how to encourage fathers, brothers and families to give this chance to their daughters. What would you say to young women in your country, who aspire to accomplish as much as you? Here, the role of the family is extremely important. If men within the family give girls the opportunity to be educated, and take their education to a higher level, then the situation will change for the better for women.

Families must also support girls in putting into practice what they have learned. I am the product of democracy under the former king of Afghanistan, Zaher Shah, whose year rule ended in a coup in What was achieved by women at that time is still considered a high standard today. We had women in the senate, parliament and cabinet. We lost it all overnight, but the memory of those honourable women is still with us. So we know the importance of leaving a good record and being a good example.

We achieved it once, we will achieve it again.

Single wife seeking nsa Harrisburg

I am totally for the rights of women. A big part of my adult life I fought for it. If I were a man, I would have done exactly the same, so you can call me whatever you like. How has the role of women in Afghan society evolved since then? The presence of foreign troops, the influence of the UN, the prescription of Kofi Annan can temporally bring changes for women. But are these changes really fundamental? Do they have roots in our society and our culture? I do not think so. In order to establish an Afghan feminism, we have to involve our religion and our culture.

The first two years I used to worry when I saw any child out of school, any person without a job, Single wife seeking nsa Harrisburg beggar in the street. I felt bad, as though it was my fault. I kept on feeling guilty. Cconfident woman who knows her Crescent, of course, I feel sad about it. H: You are a very strong woman. Which other strong women do you identify with? G: I do not identify with just one person. I have a very strong mother.

Both my grandmothers were very strong women. Above all, King Zaher Shah had a tremendous impact on my character. I learned my sense of fairness from my father. From my early age, he taught me how to be fair, how to allow someone who is better than me to take the front seat and have the courage and honour to be the second best.

Single wife seeking nsa Harrisburg

Another person whom I admire is Nelson Mandela. Mandela is a person that has touched not only the people in his own country, but way beyond it. I really hope that one day the people of Afghanistan will talk about the present problems as a part of history. Published: 8 March CET. Ali Hakimi: What was it like growing up as a young girl in Afghanistan?

Single wife seeking nsa Harrisburg

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