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Home » ArticleEncyclopedia » Cake Race. Cake Race Winners. Freshmen year is a nervous and scary experience for almost every Davidson student. This race, which has been held every year since, except during WWII and has become a trademark of Davidson College and its incoming freshmen; it is the Cake Race On your mark…get set…go for Cake. Although the race has been an annual event ever since, it has gone through some alterations in order to keep up with the changing face of Davidson College.

The cakes awarded to the winners are donated by people in the Davidson Community, mostly professors or their spouses. The Cake Race is not simply a competition between runners; it is also a contest to see who can bake the best cake. Laura Grosch, who has been donating cakes for years, has been a frequent winner of the baking contest after realizing the key to winning over the taste buds of a college student. That finally did it. Despite the level of competition subsiding among the cake bakers, there have always been at least fifty cakes going back to dorm rooms every year.

There are many things that have been altered about the Cake Race since its start in In the beginning, the course was run out Currie NC cheating wives Road, down Grey Road, and up to the gym across the former college golf course. Over the years both the route and length of the race shifted. The Cake Race of today includes female contestants; whereas, in Davidson College was still all-male. It was in that females first took part in the race as equal competitors; however, the women had slower running times and ended up not receiving any cakes when the race ended.

The organizers of the race decided to have the men and women compete in races that were separated in time by a few minutes. A certain of cakes are set Currie NC cheating wives for the winners of both races based on the percentage of participants there are for each sex Mayer.

Despite the changes, the race still brings out many participants and spectators every year. One mainstay of the Cake Race is the social pressure to perform, whether one is representing his hall, her sports team, or a fraternity or eating house.

Sterling Martin, Jr. Martin was the winner of the Cake Race in and it led to his discovery as a hidden track talent. Martin went on to make the All-Southern Conference cross country team, and became the track coach at Davidson in Through the many years that the cake race has been held, different records have been set.

Pete R. Currently, the record is held by John S. The next year the Cake Race was back with the addition of women to the competition. FromBobby Vagt, the President of Davidson College, inspired his students by running the race while wearing the Wildcat mascot head.

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The Cake Race continues to be a huge success and enjoyed by both the students of Davidson and the members of the Davidson community. The alterations made to the race have mantained its popularity, with the same goal of providing friendly competition with the intent of bringing a new class closer together. Berkin, George.

Currie NC cheating wives

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Currie NC cheating wives

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Currie NC cheating wives

Daisy Whittle and a cake race winner [].

Currie NC cheating wives

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