Looking for some nudist friends

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Total posts: Members Only. Total posts: 5. Total posts: 9. Total posts: 8. Total posts: 7. Total posts: 1. Total posts: 2. All rights reserved. NudistFriends does not conduct background checks on the members of this website. Real naturist friends Friendship Members Only. View author's info Posted on Jul 10, at AM. Total posts: 69 View topics. View author's info Posted on Jan 18, at PM Quoting author: ohio here love to be nude and just nude looking for other nude friends. View author's info Posted on Sep 15, at AM I have discovered this lifestyle about years ago.

Everybody's got a quirk or two about them Total posts: 14 View topics. Total posts: 5 View topics. Total posts: 9 View topics. View author's info Posted on Aug 06, at PM Hi Everyone, we just wanted to share our experience with nudism and friendship. First, our experience has been that this site is not being used properly by some members. When we ed we expected to see nudists looking for Looking for some nudist friends nudist friends, whether for friendship or relationships. By the way, we are just looking for friends. What we found were a majority of perverts and exhibitionists instead.

Since then we are noticing that it is not as bad as it used to be so fortunately I think they are cracking down on people. Yet still, even though we stated clearly in our profile that we are not swingers we still hear from those looking for sex. Most true nudists are nude because they feel more comfortable nude, not because they want to flaunt their body or relive their teen years by skinnydipping and protesting. We believe that a true nudist is not looking for publicity, does not want to offend anyone and takes special care to keep their nudity out of the public eye.

We say this because as long as religion exists, people will be offended and we don't want to push our nudity on anyone just as we don't want people's religion pushed on us.

Looking for some nudist friends

That is why we are grateful for nudist resorts, we get to get outside in the fresh air amongst others that are not offended by our nudity. Nudism is not about sex, exhibitionism or reliving the 60's. Although a nudist may enjoy sex, exhibitionism and reliving the 60's, they should be careful not to ruin it for the rest of us who prefer to be nude for the pure comfort of it. We are nude for our own feeling of well-being and comfort, not for those around us to gawk at Also, we tried doing the long distance thing with people but it saddens us that we are so far apart.

What we need are friends nearby so we can be comfortable while having friends over or going over to our friends. In closing, we tried our local clubs and you have to be careful because one bad seed ruins the club's reputation and yours! For some reason people appear to get bored and move on. I hope not to become one of these, for me a friendship is built up over time, this may be instantaneous or it may take a while. There are some nice and genuine people and if friendship is what you are truly after then trust others as you trust yourself and build your character over time.

I hope to allow people to know me in this manner because people who like my ways will share interests.

Looking for some nudist friends

View author's info Posted on Apr 14, at AM Hi i find it hard to chat on here as most think ur after sex. When as someone fairly new to nudism i'm just trying to find my way. Total posts: View topics.

Looking for some nudist friends

I think a few short years ago when the internet and chatting was new for most people, people from all over the world would flock to their computers to chat. Nowadays, the internet is old news and many people have left to pursue other things in life. From what I gather reading the posts here, maby a couple of people have met in person but the vast majority do not. Heck, as you say, the vast majority don't reply to winks,chat, or post anything in this forum. If people are not interested or able to communicate, then you can be certain that even if you met in person, life with a person who can not communicate or share anything would get very boring very fast.

View author's info Posted on Mar 01, at AM Let me speak out loud for a minute and please do not take offense. Those of us Looking for some nudist friends live in the rest of the world are fed a constant diet of US TV programs and movies and as a result probably know more of the US than many who live there.

You would think that given the opportunity to converse with someone from another country that a t least has a common interest most people would jump a t it. But no! Why the hell are we on this site if all we do is make comments and fruitless attempts to meet others. Is it really just for people who like to watch? For those who insist on seeing a photo it must be. I have winked many and had a few winks back but only a few have made the effort to take it further.

Even some women who have shown interest can't even use their nouse to find a way of kontacting me even though they are also non-financial members. Talk about frustrating! View author's info Posted on Feb 28, at AM Tanrambler, Funny you should mention that about income requests.

There is also other information that really has nothing to do with finding nudist friends. The common and recurring comment made in many thre here can be summarized as follows: There are many, many people registered for this site.

Looking for some nudist friends

A certain small percentage of those are active members. Of those active members, many come for reasons other then finding and getting to know other nudists for friendships or dating. This leaves a very small group of people who are here for the purpose of getting to know and perhaps eventually meeting other nudists in person.

If you spend time here in the forums, you will find that the same small group of people post and from this small group you can get to know a few over time and make genuine friends. Total posts: 37 View topics.

Looking for some nudist friends

View author's info Posted on Feb 25, at AM "ask me to reply" I have a few of those on my profile. I think it's odd to have your income listed to find nudist friends. There are only a few who are contributing to this forum. I am not sure if anyone chats on instant m-essenger as I am not a member here and so far am not very encouraged to become one. From what I gather most are ignored here and I don't really see the point of becomming a member to be able to spend time writing nice e-mails only to never receive a response of any kind.

Maby over time this will change. View author's info Posted on Jan 19, at AM Like I have said elsewhere before, "thousands of profiles" but only ever 25 a t best on-line a t once? More than half the matched profiles I got appear to be manufactured - short on detail and what detail there is seems to be repeated.

You need to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Looking for some nudist friends

If the profile is incomplete or if the details don't gel forget it. As soon as I see "ask me to describe" either themselves or whom they seek, I'm gone. If they can't be bothered to do that what hope have you got of getting a reply even to a wink? Hell, I can't even get people to chat in these forums. No-one interested in what is going on down-under? Most people here just winge about how hard it is to con tact others but don't open up conversations with each other.

Looking for some nudist friends

There is no way I will be handing over my hard-earned for this service and if those who show any interest can't use their imagination then they can't be that serious. View author's info Posted on Jan 17, at AM I think that this site could use a good 'clean out'.

Looking for some nudist friends

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